Coal Yard Coffee

When I first heard about this coffee shop I was eager to try it. Let’s face it, Starbuck’s is just convenient-not particularly good or well crafted. 

Well CYC does not disappoint. It is clean and spacious with beautiful artwork hanging gallery style throughout. The baristas are all down to earth, knowledgable and friendly. I like that the menu is unique and offers a variety of different flavors. There is something for everyone here. They enjoy being creative and thus do not balk at suggestions or ideas. 

There is al fresco dining as well as a loyalty program for frequenters. 

They also have a board of daily specials, sandwiches and an array of baked goods and of course, several tea concoctions to round out the menu. 

I’ve tried a few hot beverages on their menu, the Snickers, Fireside Merlot, and Orange Chocolate lattes which were all good and made to order just as I like it-rich, sweet and creamy. 

Most recently I stopped by and tried a cold beverage. The Hawaiian Coke is to die for! It is made with Mexican Coke (contains real cane sugar) mango nectar and house made coconut syrup. My son had the Chocolatier which I might or might not have consumed the majority of, lol. It tasted like a chocolate soda. 

It tastes just like one would imagine the Aloha state would. It was so nice, I had to go back for twice, lol. 



Welcome to Eating Indianapolis, a food blog for local foodies and those stopping through Indy.

I love food, lol. I love to eat. And I LOVE trying new foods and restaurants. I’ve had the idea in mind to create a blog regarding dining out, reviewing new food products and really all things pertaining to food. I have also been encouraged by many to give it a go.

So here I am! Get ready to take a bite out of Indy one restaurant at a time with me!